An Interns Guide to living in Woodley Park


Woodley Park, a neighborhood in Washington, D.C. is bounded by Woodley Road, Klingle Road, the Woodley Park Zoo and Rock Creek Park, and Calvert Street. Woodley Park was named after Woodley House, built by Phillip Barton Key, uncle of Francis Scott Key. Interning in Woodley Park has significant advantages such as historic buildings, proximity to public transport, and low crime rate.  Woodley Park contains a historic cathedral known as the Washington National Cathedral. The Cathedral is the second largest of its kind in the United States, and is built in a Neo-Gothic Style. Most local architecture takes the American Colonial architecture style, including columns and a symmetric structure. Woodley Park is home to several apartment and condominium buildings, including Washington Intern Student Housing. WISH provides a six-person room complete with a kitchen and two full bathrooms. Fit with ample living area, WISH residence is a perfect apartment for student interns. Located on Connecticut Avenue, WISH is very close to many local restaurants and stores. Two blocks southeast of WISH is a litany of both small and chain stores, cafes, and restaurants. Restaurants such as Hot N Juicy Crawfish are a signature of Woodley Park, including crawfish, crab, lobster, and shrimp combos. For cheaper options, Connecticut Avenue has sit-down restaurants such as Macintyre’s or Nando’s Peri Peri for Portuguese cuisine. Local cafes like Woodley Café have great ambiance and coffee options. Less than a mile from WISH housing, 18th street is a common late-night spot for young party-goers in the Woodley Park area. Complete with bars, late-night restaurants, and local stores, 18th street provides a great opportunity to meet people and spend time with friends. For recreation, Woodley Park is home to the Smithsonian National Zoo as well as Rock Creek Park. Fun for all ages, the Smithsonian Zoo features seals, pandas, and lions. The Rock Creek Park is a great outdoors area for hikers, including a long walking path, a flowing stream, and beautiful views during late-Summer to Fall.


WISH housing is a block and a half from the closest Metro Train Stop. Common Internship locations are just a few Metro stops away on the Red Line Train, in Dupont Circle and Farragut North. Similarly, the circulator buses often make stops within Woodley Park, providing ease of transport throughout the city. Obtaining a Metro Card is a necessary tool in navigating Washington D.C. and travelling to your internship. Train stops have multiple, easy to operate machines for obtaining and loading money onto your Metro Card. Luckily, Woodley Park has a low crime rate, predominately made up of theft on the 2600 block of Connecticut Avenue, where the many restaurants and stores are located. Residents should be attentive while walking in this area and refrain from using cell phones.

Complete with spacious apartments, beautiful walking trails, and a vibrant and clean main street, WISH residence offers a unique opportunity to interns in the DC area. Because of the ease of transportation, low crime rate, and nightlife, interns will appreciate the extravagant and active neighborhood of Woodley Park.


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