Life as a Hill Intern


As a child who was (and still is) enthralled with American History, when the opportunity arose for me to come to Washington D.C., I had to accept it. I am a History major and Political Science minor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign who plans to study law post-undergrad and then have a career as a criminal justice prosecutor. I am currently working for the United States House of Representatives as an intern for Congressman Rodney Davis. Congressman Davis represents the thirteenth district of Illinois, where the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign resides. It is surreal to say that I work on Capitol Hill. Our nation’s capital is filled with history and the sights never get old. I am thrilled to be interning in Washington D.C. this summer, because I have been offered so many opportunities thus far and know there are more to come!

As an intern, my main duties include conducting Capitol tours, writing Status Letters and legislative memos, and answering phone calls. While I work in the Longworth House Office Building (LHOB), I also give tours to constituents in the Capitol Building! I underwent a four hour training session to learn how to give a proper tour. Luckily, my history knowledge comes in handy, so I can add in other facts to the tours. Every tour I give, I feel like I see a different historic statue, room, or artifact that I may have not seen before, making each trip to the Capitol Building exciting! Status Letters are extremely important for keeping constituents in Congressman Davis’ district updated. These are written after a constituent calls/writes asking for the current status of a pending bill in the House of Representatives. When I answer the phone, I take down their name and address to ensure a Status Letter is written in response to their comment or question if it cannot be answered by an intern over the phone. These are written by interns and approved by Staffers. Legislative memos are written when a constituent asks for more information on certain stances the Congressman may have. These memos are informative for constituents and further display the Congressman’s views on different issues. As an intern, I am not allowed to speak on behalf of the Congressman nor his views, and therefore exemplifies the importance of a legislative memo. On a rare occasion, I will run a co-sponsor form to the Cloak Room in the Capitol Building. This is a form that indicates the Congressman wants to co-sponsor a bill, or has other Congressmen/Congresswomen that want to co-sponsor his bill. It is imperative that these forms are delivered by hand, as they are signed by Congressman Davis and are crucial for proper legislative activity. All of these tasks are valuable to the office, and I am honored to be one of the interns who gets to carry these out daily


Overall, I thoroughly enjoy my work as an intern on Capitol Hill. I see history made every day, whether I am in the office or get lucky enough to go to the House Gallery and watch a legislative day proceed in person. My family and friends know that this city is where I am “in my element” since I am such an American History lover. This summer will be one of the most memorable ones I have had thus far. I highly recommend interning in this city, as you will find it is full of history, learning opportunities, and a fun experience in general.



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